NHL Hockey Bets from Ramon Scott – Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019 (overnight picks)

Thursday NHL Overnight Handicap

MON/PHL: Sharps were all over the Flyers in overnight betting but I might look to fade these groups as a couple of them have really been noticeably bad so far. Certainly, Montreal rates higher in the power rankings and could be some goals scored here. MON 4, PHL 3.

1* MON -110

0.5* MON/PHL OVER 6.5

VGK/TOR: Vegas the money-maker in this situation but I am going to trust the sharps in this spot, as they have TOR at least twice in overnight big bets. Pros apparently also moved on the OVER at 6 and 6.5 but that may keep me off the move.

1* TOR -135

PIT/NYI: Sharps came in on the Isles but the group hasn’t really been a winner. Still, Isles dominate this series and are really at a peak right now getting a terrific price as the obvious winner in this matchup with NYI profitable at home and Penguins a loser on the road. Two-way action from sharps on the total with 6.5 goals seemingly more likely than 5.5 but the UNDER moves may be a bit more solid.

0.5* NYI -110

NYR/CAR: Sharps actually moved on the big price at -250 against a sure bottom ten in NYR. I guess I actually don’t mind the price up to about -270 and am all about that action. I’ve got CAR rated as my No. 11 right now so I’ve got this game graded out at 3.5 to 2.5 in favor of CAR.

1* CAR -255

WAS/FLA: Winning sharps all over FLA here and the only group that reportedly came in on WAS has been a loser thus far. Caps a road winner while Panthers not as great at home but going to trust this obvious choice of professional bettors. Make no mistake, the move has been on WAS and the sharp action has been subtle. I have FLA 13th right now and WAS certainly in the top three but this is supposed to be a spot. While 7 goals certainly seems possible, sharps took the highest offering three times UNDER. Teams are 20-9-1 to the OVER.

1* FLA 115

LAK/OTT: Sharps took OVER a heavily-juiced 6 but the number wasn’t widely available. Pretty bad matchup that may have me laying off at this point. Probably come in later on the side since the lean is currently OTT.

0.75* LAK/OTT OVER 6.5o20

VAN/CHI: Two-way action on this total but the UNDER move is stronger and the OVER moves were all juiced 6s, so I have to like this since this matchup would seem to be an UNDER given the teams current H/A trend. The series is 9-1 to the OVER of late is a caution but CHI 4-9 to the UNDER thus far. However, I have this game rated 2.9-2.4, so UNDER for sure but waiting on the side, although I don’t mind the price. One move came in on CHI but not strong enough to get me off profitable VAN then they came right back on VAN. CHI has been a loser so far.

1* VAN -125

0.75 VAN/CHI UNDER 6.5

NAS/COL: Late feature of top ten teams saw sharp action at a very square book that looks like an absolute money-maker. Preds certainly in a good position as the profitable side on the road against home COL and the favoritism should be the clue. Game would seem to be a possible OVER with the clubs in this A/H situation but a reasonable move came in on a juiced 6 that I am willing to trust for now.

1* NAS -130

0.67* UNDER 6

NJ/CAL: Professionals didn’t seem too interested in this one overnight, moving just once on CAL on widely-reported action at -155. Seems reasonable with mid-pack CAL against near-bottom five Devils. Devils grade out here at just 2.25 goals to CAL 3.75, so I am in. That result would have me considering UNDER but want to see if any sharps come in there.

1* CAL -160

CBJ/ARI: Sharps have let it be known they are already on huge contrarian side CBJ against top-five club Arizona. Look, Jackets are surely in the bottom five so if you want a favorite with some value this is probably it. I am more apt to side with the sharps here but just recommending a great price on this favorite, if that is your fancy. The stats easily say ARI 3.67-CBJ 2.33 or so, that makes OVER is the lean on the total.

0.5* CBJ +130

MIN/SJ: Sharps moved on a pretty fancy price of +145 on MIN overnight but that is long gone and .20 cents ago. These teams have been bad but the Sharks seem to be in the far-more profitable situation thus far and MIN will be hard-pressed to get to three goals here. Maybe some more moves will come in because the obvious seems like Sharks and UNDER, 3-2.

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